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CryptoCoin.com: Counterparty (XCP)

Counterparty (XCP)

Last Update: 2015-01-12 09:49 UTC

Counterparty (XCP) is a decentralised financial platform and distributed, open-source Internet protocol built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and network. Counterparty provides users with a functioning decentralized digital currency exchange, as well as the ability to create virtual assets, issue dividends, create price feeds, bets and contracts. Counterparty also has a native currency that trades on cryptocurrency exchanges as XCP. XCP is not mined; instead, it was issued using a provable method called "proof of burn" which involves sending bitcoins to a special address that renders them permanently unspendable. Original announcement.

Counterparty Summary
Cryptocoin Counterparty (XCP)
Home Page http://counterparty.io/
User Forums https://forums.counterparty.io/
Documentation https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/CommunityWiki/wiki
Source Code https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/counterpartyd/
Wallet Download https://counterwallet.io/
Blockchain Explorer http://blockscan.com/
Coin Exchanges  
Coin Faucets --
Mining Pools --
Related Websites Wikipedia

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 • 2015-02-06: Cryptocurrency Release: Counterparty 9.49.4
 • 2015-01-01: Cryptocurrency Release: Counterparty 9.49.3

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Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2014-12-29 release notes, source code



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