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CryptoCoin.com: DarkNote (XDN)

DarkNote (XDN)

Last Update: 2015-01-21 07:26 UTC

DarkNote (XDN) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency launched as "duckNote" in May 2014 and renamed to DarkNote in September 2014. It was forked from Bytecoin. DarkNote's main focus is on privacy and anonymity of transactions; this is achieved thanks to a technology called CryptoNote. CryptoNote's two main features are "ring signatures" (where several users sign a payment message, making it impossible to determine who exactly received the payment) and "unlinkable transactions" (thanks to automatic generation of unique single-use private keys). Besides serving as a payment network, DarkNote also provides an ability to send encrypted messages to anyone in the world. Original announcement.

DarkNote Summary
Cryptocoin DarkNote (XDN)
Home Page http://darknote.cc/
User Forums --
Documentation --
Source Code https://github.com/ducknote/darknote
Wallet Download http://darknote.cc/#about
Blockchain Explorer http://chainradar.com/xdn/blocks
Coin Exchanges http://darknote.cc/#blog-time
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools http://darknote.cc/#blog-time
Related Websites XDN Wallet

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2014-05-21 source code



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