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CryptoCoin.com: Fibre (FIBRE)

Fibre (FIBRE)

Last Update: 2015-02-11 02:37 UTC

Fibre (FIBRE) is an open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency launched in August 2014. A proof-of-stake coin that focuses on transaction anonymity, it has introduced a number of interesting concepts, including FibreConnect, an encrypted and secure messaging system, and FibreDark, a way to give the users the choice of hiding their online IP address and location while connected to the Fibre network. Fibre has also created an advisory board consisting of community members; this body votes and makes decisions about the features to be added to the cryptocurrency as well as the the future direction of the project. Original announcement.

Fibre Summary
Cryptocoin Fibre (FIBRE)
Home Page http://www.fibrecoin.com/
User Forums https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=737771.0
Documentation --
Source Code https://github.com/fibre-team/fibre/
Wallet Download http://www.fibrecoin.com/getstarted/
Blockchain Explorer https://chainz.cryptoid.info/fibre/
Coin Exchanges http://www.fibrecoin.com/
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools http://xpool.ca/
Related Websites  

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code

Recent Fibre News Roundup
2014-12-08 Bitcoin Alternative FibreCoin Launches FibreLock, Anonymous ZeroTrust And Secure Operating System Fibre OS


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